The special combination of Wayne and Mr Ang (his dad) provided an unusual yet effective approach to renovation. Wayne provided consultancy on modern design elements while keeping the owner's idea in mind. Mr Ang on the other hand could advise on the practical aspects of home living. What impressed me the most was during 1 of the discussions, Mr Ang sketched the wardrobe design on our wall as we discussed, showcasing his many years of experience in the industry. The whole project was completed within 2 months and Wayne had been very responsive throughout. Even after handing over, he was providing advice on our furniture. Wayne takes pride in his deliverables, and that is evident in the high quality workmanship. I would recommend ALT Renovation for your renovation needs.
Eric Soh - 4th Feb 2019
Wayne and his dynamic duo (his Dad & Bro) make a fantastic team, combining new ideas and experience to deliver a smooth renovation process. My parents are very pleased with the excellent workmanship and their accommodating attitude.
Kit Jenn Low - 16th Jan 2019
Mr Ang and Wayne is very experienced and professional in their design and judgement for renovation within our budget. it is great to have them helping us with the renovation
Lee Chang Ling, Derek- 3rd Jan 2019